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Our Privacy Policy entails all the details about your information is collected, stored, and used when you purchase the jewelery articles from Voguishshine Jewelery.

Please note that this is done to enhance your shopping experience. Personal Information Voguishshine Jewelry makes sure that your personal information - which includes but is not limited to name, address, phone number, and preferences - is not compromised. We believe in upholding the highest values and standards of data privacy and would never sell your information to third parties for monetary gains. Voguishshine Jewelry understands the value of your personal information and assures you that it would keep it private and not use it to rent, sell, or advertise its products or, for that matter, products offered by other brands. Voguishshine uses your personal information to make your overall experience better. It uses your information to process your order, make arrangements for shipping, share the payment invoice/order confirmation with you, and communicate with you. It stores the device data to ensure that it screens it against potential data theft, fraud, and any phishing attempts. We also use your information to make your shopping experience on our website better by displaying optimized results as per your preferences.
Please note that the privacy policy is updated from time to time, and is subject to changes for legal, regulatory, operational, and other reasons.
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If You want to learn more about our privacy policy, please feel free to get in touch with us by simply sending us an email at voguishshine@gmail.com or giving us a call at +92315302019.
Remember, jewelry requires extra care. Gold and silver  themselves are worthy and the stones are highly valuable. Thus, when you have something that precious, you should always take measures to keep it safe and lasting, so can wear your favorite jewelry as long as you can!

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